Monday, January 21, 2013

How did I get here?

This is my first post so I will use this space to tell my story in few lines in order for you to understand my current situation… I was born in Peru in 1986 and have lived there all my life. Despite Peru has its problems, like poverty, lack of education, lack of authorities, etc., I really love living there and I’m very proud of being Peruvian.  I came to live in Michigan because my husband is studying an MBA here, at Ross Business School (Michigan University). The MBA lasts two years, nevertheless, I’m going to be here just the last one. The first year my husband was only my boyfriend and he came by himself because I had all my life back in Peru, my family, a good job, my friends… But the first year that we were apart was really awful!!!! So we decided we wanted to be together, no matter what we would have to sacrifice. So we got married, I quit my job, left my friends and family, pack my warmer clothes and came to live here… in Ann Arbor, Michigan… the most beautiful but coldest place I have ever been!
In this blog I will tell you all about my life in the U.S. and the differences with my country which are more than what you could imagine!! So you will experience through my stories, how does an emerging country girl manages to adapt her life to one of the most developed countries in the world.
I hope you find it interesting and enjoy getting to know a little bit more about the Peruvian culture.